Road Traffic Accidents on the Rise

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At least 47 people injured and 2 others dead in accidents that Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) responded to in Merti, Nandi Hills and along Mombasa Road, Nairobi, between yesterday, 8thSeptember 2011 and today 9th September 2011.
In Merti, a lorry ferrying 37 people and 13 cows plunged into the waters of River Wasanyiro, 8 people missing, 7 people injured and 23 others rescued from the accident. The search efforts, in which KRCS, the Provincial Administration and locals were involved, had to be stopped last night, to be continued today, for fear of crocodiles that infest the River and lack of lights.
The lorry in Wasonyiro accident inside the river.
In the West Kenya Region, an Easy Coach bus travelling from Nairobi to Nandi Hills overturned at Kinwani along the Chemilil - Nandi Hills Road, leaving 2 people dead and 25 others injured. The injured people were taken to the Nandi Hills District Hospital.
In another incident, a truck rammed into Nissan Matatu carrying 13 passengers along Mombasa Road, last evening, near Vision Plaza, Nairobi, leaving the driver with major injuries and several passengers with minor injuries. KRCS responded to the accident with E-plus ambulances.
This morning, KRCS and E-plus responded to another accident at the Security Group gate in which a Nissan Matatu and a motorbike were involved. Two injured people were attended upon and taken to hospital.
In general, KRCS through the E-plus ambulances responds to an average of five or more road traffic accidents along Mombasa Road in Nairobi, every day.


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