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  • Over 60% of Kenyans have no access to clean water

  • Over 1.5 million beneficiaries reached

Imagine the horror of living days on end without access to clean water. Drinking water that is interlaced with filth and disease. Sadly, approximately 60% of the Kenyan population live like this, drinking unsafe water every day while 40% have no access to sanitation. Climate change patterns as well as cost of infrastructure limits the delivery of water.

This leads to health hazards such as epidemics stemming from water borne diseases and dirty living environments. Indeed, diarrhoea is still one of the leading causes of mortality. Girls and women often have to trek long distances to fetch water, compromising the girl child’s access to education and limiting the time women can spend on economic endeavours.

The Kenya Red Cross has been working to improve the quality of life across the country and help every Kenyan access this basic right. It has reached 1.5 million beneficiaries with a gross expenditure of US$20 million – translating to US$13 per person. Help us give those in need their basic right to clean water and a chance at a brighter future by donating toward KRC’s Water and Sanitation programme.

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