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Kenya Red Cross Society is a leading humanitarian organization in Kenya. The Society’s vision is to be the most effective, most trusted and self-sustaining humanitarian organisation in Kenya. To further strengthen the capacity of its work, the Society invites suitably qualified suppliers and companies to apply.KRCS only advertises its tenders on its global website or utilizes bona fide and established media, newspapers and online platforms to disseminate its tenders. 

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ALL BIDDERS SHOULD SEND THEIR ENQIRIES TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works Pipelaying

KRCS_PRF00007_2017-Lot1-Vol 1-BOQs-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Pipelaying

KRCS_PRF00007_2017-Lot 1-Vol1-Tender-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Pipelaying

KRCS_PRF00007_2017-Lot 1-Vol 3-Drawings-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Pipelaying

KRCS_PRF00007_2017-Lot 1-Vol 2-Specifications-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Pipelaying

Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Maungu & Itinyi Pumping  Stations

KRCS_PRF00008_2017-Lot 2-Vol1-BOQ-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Maungu & Itinyi

KRCS_PRF00008_2017-Lot 2-Vol1-Tender-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Maungu & Itinyi

- KRCS_PRF00008_2017-Lot 2-Vol2-Specifications-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Maungu & Itinyi

KRCS_PRF00008_2017-Lot 2-Vol3-Drawings-Maungu Buguta WS-Civil Works-Maungu & Itinyi

Maungu Buguta WS-Pipeline Supply

KRCS_PRF00009_2017-Lot 3-Vol1-Tender-Maungu Buguta WS-Pipeline Supply

- KRCS_PRF00009_2017-Lot 3-Vol1-BOQ-Maungu Buguta WS-Pipeline Supply

KRCS_PRF00009_2017-Lot 3-Vol2-Specifications-Maungu Buguta WS-Pipeline Supply



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