Organisational Development

The OD Department provides an enabling framework and foundation for KRCS programme units to deliver services to the vulnerable in an effective manner. Its main focus it to build a strong national society with the ability to attract strategic partnerships at International, national and local levels that will lead into enhanced programmes for the beneficiaries.

The department is responsible for the establishment and ensuring the well functioning of KRCS branches and regions, their capacity building, membership and volunteer  management, and youth development. A key focus in 2013 was the alignment of the KRCS structures to the county governments to ensure that the organisation is well positioned to deliver services at county level in accordance with its auxiliary role stipulated in the CoK 2010.

New governance teams were also ushered in at national, regional and branch levels. A total of 803 new board members were elected in the three level. Youth elections were also held across the organisation resulting into 567 new youth leaders. These boards offer oversights and facilitate the formulation of relevant policies that guide the management in the execution of the KRCS Strategy. Subsequent to the elections 402 board members were trained in corporate governance to ensure that they are well equipped to offer their oversight role.

In line with our strategic objective of ‘investing in our People’ the Department developed the volunteer rules and regulations manual which was subsequently approved by the board. Further, volunteer award ceremonies were hold across the organisation in recognition of the important contribution they make to the activities of the Society.

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