A Journey by Road to All Countries by the Danish Red Cross Ambassador

on Wednesday, 23 November 2016. Posted in Latest News

Have you ever imagined travelling around the world on a twenty dollar budget a day and without boarding a plane? Well the Darnish Red Cross Good Will Ambassador Torbjorn C. Pedersen (Thor) is on a trip around the world and yes, on a twenty dollar budget per day.

Torbjorn left his home country Denmark, on 10 October 2013 on this trip dubbed “Once Upon a Saga” and three years down the road, he has so far travelled across 121 countries including Kenya that he is currently visiting. His goal is to spend at least a minimum of 7 days in each country.

“This project is not about me, it’s about us,” Thor said. “My budget is 20 dollars per day and that includes my visa fee, meals, transport and accommodation. What brings me joy is the kind of reception I get when I visit these countries, the willingness of people to listen to my story and what I learn from them too,” Thor continued.

There are instances where Thor has almost given up due to the hardship and complications that he has encountered along the way. His mode of transport involves buses, boats and containers. Along the journey, he has faced harassment, robbery, delayed visas and fallen sick.

 “Every time I get the feeling to give up, I think of the core reason why I considered taking up this journey,” Thor said. “It is personal and nothing in this world will make me give up,” he added.

Good will ambassadors are one of the strong pillars of the Red Cross movement. They are individuals who sacrifice their time, resources and energy towards supporting the Red Cross movement in the best way they can.

Torbjorn has been the Darnish Red Cross Good will ambassador for over 3 years now. He gave up part of his dreams, to take this worthy journey. This is a sacrifice that only the strong willed can take and see to its completion.

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